• Gather together your children’s outgrown clothing, toys, baby gear, maternity wear and other items.
  • Pre-screen to remove the clothing that is excessively stained, stretched, worn, outdated or out-of-season. Check toys for missing pieces and baby gear for safety and cleanliness. Cut off any loose strings and shave naps. Button all buttons and snap all snaps.
  • Before bringing in baby gear (strollers, exersaucers, high chairs, carriers, etc)  check for recalls  to ensure sure the product has not been recalled. Please be sure that any cribs or Car seats have not expired.
  • Make sure there is nothing in your basket that you have any lingering attachment to. If you are sentimental about an item, we would rather you keep it, as Ava’s Attic does not make reminders of expired items. We find it is best when consignors are 100% done with their items and happy to see them go.
  • Place the items you are ready to part with into COVERED storage bins and bring them to the store. Clothes should be wrinkle, stain and odor free and ready for hanging. We accept consignment until 5pm, no appointment needed. However, at this time, consignors are limited to 30 items. Do note that sales are a priority as we exam your items. If equipment needs batteries please place fresh batteries in your items.
  • Once at the store: Place your name on your bins and stay with your items until received by Ava’s Attic Staff (Ava’s Attic is not responsible for “lost” consignment due to unlabeled bins or baby gear.)
  • FIRST TIME CONSIGNORS: We will have you fill out a consignment agreement and one of our sales clerks will explain our policies to you.
  • Enjoy shopping while our trained staff check through your items to pull out the things we feel have a good chance of selling.
  • Check back in about 3 days. By that time we will have had time to price your items and you should start to see some sales. (We do not follow up with consignors after their drop off. Please feel free to call us anytime however and we will be happy to update you on the status of your account.) The consignment percentages you will receive range from 40-70%, depending on the price of the item.
  • Come back for Round Two (or Three, or Four!) Drop off more stuff, and then have fun spending the Store Credit from your previous drop off. (Or come back to pick up your check. We print consignment checks for balances over $25. Store credit is issued for balances less than $25.

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